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Taking on additional support in your business is a big decision. That’s why at Simply Amber Lou we ask our clients for their thoughts about our services and working with our founder. You see, it’s with testimonials that we build trust and honest feedback. Working in a professional and friendly manner is always our ethos and building trust by communicating well and understanding your brief is a big part of our role. Doing it well and delivering above and beyond is the goal we always strive for. Putting ourselves in our client’s shoes and creating work that makes you stand out from the crowd and attracts your ideal audience.

See what people are saying about us...

“Amber is one of those who can help make sure that your content is clear for your audience to understand and get the message across quickly and smoothly. She has a great way to draw links between the business conversations to stories that we are all familiar with in our daily lives. Where we’re challenged to think creatively and differently so the message holds greater value for the recipient”.

Elizabeth Lim - STEM, Monash University

“Amber has been a huge help to me with my social media posts, academic writings, blogs and in helping me to find my online voice for my business. Being in a highly technical field I needed someone who could take the time to understand and articulate the work that we do and what we want to achieve with our ideal audience. Amber was always easy to consult with, available to talk when I needed it and all with a friendly and professional tone. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Amber again or indeed to recommend her”.

Thiago Haberli - Director, Sustain Quality LTD

“I found Amber through LinkedIn and immediately we struck up a rapport. Amber was enthusiastic and listened to my concept and was able to prize the relevant information out of my head to put what I wanted to say onto paper. Amber asked the right questions as to who we wanted to speak to and then tailored the case studies to suit. I have procrastinated about getting this information produced and just needed the right person who understood what I was trying to say, Amber did just that”.

Sarah Hawes - Director, Hawes Building

“Starting my business, particularly creating a social media presence was new to me. Identifying which social media to engage with, developing and publishing content, finding my publishing ‘voice’ – were all areas where Amber stepped in and worked with me in a learning partnership. Amber’s guidance and patience were instrumental in me both designing and creating my social media strategy which is a key ingredient in all business development. Amber’s professionalism, insight, timeliness, and dedication have been much appreciated in helping me meet my business and learning goals”.

Palena Neale - Leadership Coach, Mentor and Lecturer

“Being a busy professional, time is always at a premium. I had some blogs that I needed to create and develop but no time in which to do it. So, I commissioned Amber to develop them for me. I had some specific ideas in mind; things that I had experienced, and I felt related to the work that I do and may be of some interest to my clients, business contacts and connections on social media. Amber spent some time with me, getting to understand my audience and my ‘style’. We all have a unique ‘voice’ that we speak with to others and she totally understands the need to keep that authentic and the written pieces in keeping with my personality. She listened to my stories and the messages that I wanted to send. She worked very quickly; kept to the strict timescales and communicated with me in a professional and friendly way. She is a joy to work with and I would heartily recommend her to anyone looking to work with a creative and professional copywriter”.

Jan Sargent - HR Director, Transforming Performance

"Having met within a networking club previously, Amber and I came to work with one another as my business growth meant I needed some impactful content to support my business, DNA Coach, in fine tuning its messaging and to showcase to our business audiences what we could offer and successfully achieve for them and their people. Being a passionate people-focused organisation, talking to the individuals we wanted to help and the companies they work within was key, as well as factoring in the capacity for positive change and better outcomes for their teams and businesses. That’s why commencing a comprehensive and detailed mini magazine was and is a vital marketing aid designed to offer expertise and to share actionable knowledge that supports individuals and their organisations to make decisions, to shift mindsets and to grow thriving teams by protecting and nourishing their psychological safety where we guide them to provide the best culture for their teams, colleagues and individuals. Amber always finds the right words, tone and depth of copy to define each topic and writes in a way that shares understanding, empathy and most of all enables the people we want to reach as a business feel seen and heard and offers a focused way forward for them that powerfully benefits and includes everyone."

Laura Royal - Director & Founder, DNA Coach

About Simply Amber Lou

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About Simply Amber Lou

Simply Amber Lou business copywriting services was founded with you the client in mind and is the home of business copywriting, content writing, course creation, copy power hours, guided business copy teaching programmes, notebook designs and writing consultancy bespoke service.

We help business leaders, owners, directors and entrepreneurs to define their online voice and grow their audiences by writing sharp, smart and captivating content with over 20 years of professional business expertise.

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