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About Simply Amber Lou

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About Simply Amber Lou

Simply Amber Lou business copywriting services was founded with you the client in mind and is the home of business copywriting, content writing, course creation, copy power hours, guided business copy teaching programmes, notebook designs and writing consultancy bespoke services.

We help business leaders, owners, directors and entrepreneurs to define their online voice and grow their audiences by writing sharp, smart and captivating content with over 20 years of professional business expertise.

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From email campaigns, to blogs, articles, case studies, guides and newsletter’s along with promotional mini magazines that truly connect with your ideal audience, Simply Amber Lou can work with your objectives and goals in mind -- crafting content from copywriting briefs that work to highlight your business but that also connect with the heart of your messaging and organisational offerings that you want to showcase to your people.

With unimaginable amounts of data being produced each year, it’s about creating copy that emulates your values and the core of who you are as a business and what you uniquely offer to your audience, in a way that differentiates you against a competitor and that resonates with your perfect client and builds your brand with people that align with you and your company.


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Many client’s that we work with at Simply Amber Lou can find it challenging to know where and how to start with their copy. They can feel overwhelmed and doubt what they produce and who they are writing it for. We offer tailored power hours and bespoke programmes to fit around a client’s needs and can offer copy audits of existing content with suggestions on how it can be improved to aid you in getting your writing off the ground and attracting the target demographic.

Working with a copywriter is an investment that offers you objective perspective, inspiration and expertise. Quite often the first thing you can do is to get some advice on what to work on and how to write it. 

At Simply Amber Lou we offer, copy power hours where you set the tone on what you most need help with and our founder Amber can talk you through how to approach your writing and the order with which to do so. 

We also offer copy audits if you have existing copy that needs shaping with different language, plus, we also run friendly & professional workshops and programmes where we run through the copy basics in small groups or 1:1 dependent on your need and budget.

Your website, content and promotional material will naturally evolve as your business expands and moves forward. Your audience pools can become more bespoke and you discover who your ideal audience and client is and as your business develops you can pinpoint your offering with laser- focused precision.

At Simply Amber Lou we offer copy audits of websites as well as full content rewrites to match your business needs and that of your audience too. You can bolt on services if you’re looking at retained, on-going work or we can work on project pieces that serve you and your business as and when you need them.

For many client’s when they grow, not only is it an exciting time of positive change but it also begins to limit your capacity for all of the jobs that you used to take on yourself as a business owner. We offer retained packages tailored to your needs that run month on month and can be cancelled anytime. Ideally suited to business owners, directors & entrepreneurs that want regular content written and are happy to hand over the reins to an experienced copywriter at Simply Amber Lou.