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Simply Amber Lou is a qualified copywriter with the College of Media and Publishing with over 20 years of business expertise and know how that’s used to help SME’s and business leaders to create sharp, smart and captivating copy, website content, blog articles, sales pages, case studies, email sequences and social media content that brings to life your vision with words to attract the right readers and clients.

If you need copy that turns up the volume to your business voice and amplifies your message — get in contact and let’s grow your impact online….

You may already have written material that needs levelling up or you may decide to wipe the slate clean and to rewrite the story.

Writing consultancy prices are tailor-made per package for each client based on their needs BUT we do offer a bookable power hour where we can structure a review of specific content to discuss strategy, content and ideas to move your copy forward with relevancy and authority.

At Simply Amber Lou Business Writing Consultancy we will look at retained or project based copy and can carry out creative, business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) based work along with 1:1 or group guided business copywriting teaching programmes to support your organisation in promoting content that relates to and attracts the audience persona you want to work with.

So, if you can’t bear to write for your brand or business…


Maybe you’re just starting out and don’t know where to start?


Has your business grown and perhaps you need assistance with your written material and are looking to outsource?


Maybe you don’t know where you want to start and so a review of your current website content and marketing material can offer you clarity?


Maybe you don’t have the budget to work on a project with a writer, but you would like to consult on how you can write your own content?


Maybe you don’t know the reason, but recognise you need some content help and would like to book a consultancy call?…

Whatever your reason for your current copy, content and creative business needs that are holding you back –– let’s chat.

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If you would like a quote then please get in touch directly.  Let’s discuss your brief together and how we can collaborate.

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