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Welcome to Simply Amber Lou business copywriting services, founded with you the client in mind and the home of business copywriting, content writing, course creation, copy power hours, guided business copy teaching programmes, notebook designs and writing consultancy.

We help international SME’s and business leaders to define their online voice and grow their audiences by writing sharp, smart and captivating content with over 20 years of professional business expertise.

About Simply Amber Lou
Find out more about Simply Amber Lou business copy and content consultancy and how we can assist you in reaching your ideal clients.
Captivating copy hour & business Copy teaching programmes

Bookable captivating copy power hours to rid you of your unwanted business content headaches to provide forward focused and strategised results.


Blogs, articles and content packed full of impactful copy learnings, consultancy business know how and guidance that can be readily applied to raise your business profile, reach and target audience.


Offering a focused range of X9 crisp simplyamberlou.com lined notebooks on Amazon for absolutely everything about your everyday business planning, brainstorming, collaborative and interactive activities..


Having working within multiple industries from coaching to leadership, property to construction, solicitors to sustainability and digital agency clients, we are well adversed to niche markets and wide audiences. This is what our clients say about us.

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