Uh huh... yep you heard it, write as you talk has fast become my LinkedIn hashtag now because I believe that when you write as you speak you’re talking in a more real, relatable and understood tone. Of course, not forgetting to consider the audience you’re speaking to.

Creating written content that sounds as if you’re talking in person allows for your audience to almost hear your voice. Perhaps they even do. They feel as if they’re hearing the real you and can reach you even if they can’t see you.

Because, being real with your audience is a barrier broken if they feel that they can connect with you. Understanding your audience is a gateway for you to harness and for you to truly get to know their pain points and to show how you can solve it.

But it’s also because writing as you talk is in being human. Which sounds more than logical really. It’s writing with personality and not being afraid to show a little more you through what you can do for your audience.

What makes you stand out above the rest? It’s a no-brainer....you do....

You're trying to beat the scroll, but let’s be real...

In an ever evolving and fast paced technological world there is a lot of demand vying for our attention. It can seem as if we scroll and type comments more than we speak these days. It then becomes harder for customers to see what’s real and what isn’t.

To put it into some sort of context, according to a report from RescueTime reported in the Guardian, the top 20% of phone users spend on average 4.5 hours daily on their phones.

We can all likely agree that it's quite a bit of phone time and undoubtedly a fair amount is spent on social platforms. Trying to attract the attention of your audience has become a tricky beast as the sea of content has grown in tidal wave proportions.

But it doesn't mean that you can't gain attention. And it certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't create content that aims to gain attention. In fact you positively should.

So, show them. Your audience that is. Show them who you’re, show them you can talk to them and write with them in mind. Listen to how your audience talks and engages, and use this language when you write your copy and content.

You can find your audience online in many social places, forums, chat rooms and even get into their thinking patterns through surveys and questionnaires.

Show them that your voice is the one they can talk to and interact with. Be the expert that can knowledgeably offer the answer they crave, to the problems they face.

Being that voice is in getting into the headspace of your reader and in understanding who they are and how you can create content for them.

Clear your throat and let’s shout it from the roof tops...

In every piece of content you produce from your website copy through to your social media copy, it should all align to your voice. You want your voice to be in sync with your overall message and ethos but to be crystal clear about who you’re as a brand and business; you want it to radiate through all that you do and to become instantly recognisable to your audience.

The more your audience sees you the more they hear you. Be the voice they remember and the one they go to when they need to resolve their problem.

You're your special sauce: let’s show your personality...

Don’t be afraid to show you. Show the person behind the brand and business. Let people see what it means to you, what you stand for and what your aim as a company is. But also reverse it and let them see how that should matter to them.

Building up a profile of your audience helps to finely tune your content and your voice.

Can you answer questions about your reader? For example;

  • What do they like and dislike?
  • What do they do?
  • Why would they choose you over your competitor?
  • What makes you different?
  • How do you solve their pain better than someone else?

Our fingerprint isn’t the only thing that is unique to us, our personality is too. Let it shine and beam a bold light on all of the content that you build for your audience...

Don't pack in words to make yourself sound more intelligent: just write for them.....

And by them I do mean your audience. Seeking their language through online comments, surveys, reviews etc. is a great way to observe the language that your ideal audience uses and to weave that into your own content.

Write as you talk, but always write with your reader in mind. Your reader is your target audience. See the person but also hear their voice when you create your content.

After all it's their head that you're wanting to get into and talk to...

Be the voice of absolute and put yourself in their shoes....

Sometimes odd things happen when we write. Yes we can add in words that we wouldn’t use in person or that our audience would even understand. Imagine yourself as your audience and imagine how they would think, talk and feel.

If they don't use words such as, 'obsequious,' then don't use it. Yet again if they do, then feed the language that most relates to them. Let them see themselves in your content. Let it be a mirror image of their thoughts and how they see themselves in your brand and business.

What do they want to hear? What do they want to read? How would a conversation go if you were chatting to them?

Just imagine it as if you’re having a real-life conversation and even read your content out loud to hear its flow. Anything that doesn't fit you can easily then tweak and adjust.

Be social: in fact, be everywhere they are...

If you’re not online, make sure you’re online. Start with one platform and build your audience and community base from there. Being social is a great way to find and build your voice but also to see the voice of your customer too.

Be seen by your audience and create the approachable voice of authority in your field...

They are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: never underestimate your communities...

Building communities online can seem time consuming. They don’t have to be. But they’re worth their weight in gold. Not only are they a great support, but they can be your best advocate too.

You can build your voice, show your expertise and all of your interactions are helping your target audience find you and see who you're.

An avid believer of conversational copy and getting inside the story that is happening inside the head of your audience; is guru and all round rock star Joanna Wiebe...

If you need more social proof that conversational copy is advantageous as it is logical, then check out Joanna Wiebe who offers some great insights on how to write with the voice of your customer in mind and shows how you can find real ways in which to do that. You can check out her Tuesday Tutorials and see her thoughts here.

Don't forget the more you know, the more you see..

The more you can know about your ideal customer, the more you can see your content through their eyes. And the more they can see themselves through yours.

Write as you talk: as all good and lasting relationships start with a conversation...

Write as you talk and talk to your audience because that is truly, madly and absolutely the way to get the attention your content deserves and in keeping eyes on it.

You can easily revive your content to be the sun, the moon and stars by editing in fresh phrasing and bringing to life your copy by keeping front of mind–– to be conversational.

After all, all good and lasting relationships start with a conversation...


If you can’t bear to think about writing for your business and brand anymore or want advice on how to start –– let’s chat.

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