Captivating copy power hour & business copy teaching programmes

Let’s put the power into your hands and turn up your copy volume…

Do you need to hone in on your copy and captivate your audience?

Do you have a million questions but don’t know which one to ask first or where to start?

Do you feel like you’re having a copy nightmare and need to rid yourself of the worded headache in order to feel unstuck?

Let’s set you free and talk it through with practical and real solutions to move you and your business content forward.

If you’re needing to get your messaging on point or maybe its more specific than that and you have an email series that needs tuning to draw in your audience or perhaps you don’t understand how to best convey your content on LinkedIn — you can book an hour with us all for £99 and literally ask anything copy related. We can problem solve and strategise all things copy and get your business content truly impacting your audience.

It’s hard when it’s all swirling in your head and you want to bring alive your vision so that it relates to your ideal client and reader. Well, that’s where we come in.

Literally anything content goes in these hours: you’ll get a copy of our Zoom recording to circle back to along with a PDF copy of our Power Hour represented as a presentation, plus, our PDF content tips and tricks guide too as well as the personalised and structured teaching itself.

If you need guided and more in-depth learning on how to write business copy within your organisation then we additionally offer 1:1 and group workshops tailored to your exact and bespoke needs. For more details on our Simply Amber Lou teaching programmes contact us here.

BONUS: All captivating copy power hour sessions come with my PDF guide of content tips and tricks too. (Sent straight to your inbox after payment is received.)