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Walk a mile in your audience’s shoes: Extended cut


How does that translate or mean anything to me and my audience I hear you say?


You see the thing is…. through knowledge and understanding of your audience you can relate and connect through your posts, blogs and articles. You can create your platform with your audience.

You see if you create a platform for connection and engagement with your audience; you allow for an open channel of communication. You build trust. You build opportunity.

To know and understand your audience you have to fully commit to getting to know them. It’s hanging out where your audience is. It’s  targeting your blogs and articles for them. It’s tailoring your story so that your audience can relate to you.

Here are 8 quick and easy tips you can digest on the go to help you to relate and speak to your audience;

1) Research

Yes, research is your friend. And yes, it may take time. But you can break it down as you progress forwards. You don’t have to know it all in one go. But the more you know the more specific and targeted you can make your content and social media for your audience.

Hang out where they are. Listen and observe to what they say. Interact where you can add value. Build a trusted network around you.

2) Connect

Connect with them. Think quality over quantity when on social media. Try and respond to comments and questions on your posts. Answer with your response and a question. Build meaning and depth to your relationships online and offline with your audience.

Make it more than surface level. People crave connection and real meaning over fleeting encounters. Human beings are social creatures. Make social media human. Remember there is a real person behind the avatar and photo that you see.

3) Relate

Relate to your audience. Find a common ground. By getting to know them you’ll start to understand what this means. You can build your story around this. You can tailor your posts, blogs and articles to your audience. You can do this through your comments on relevant posts and groups online.

Talk in the language that your audience uses. You can still show your knowledge by changing the language. Make it emotive. Make it relatable.

4) Engage

Many of the social media platforms push for engagement. This doesn’t have to be a headache. This can be fun. This is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn and grow. LinkedIn for example is a great platform for being able to engage; by showing interest and offering value through opinion or fact.

Try observing first and then find posts or groups where you can comment. Where you can engage. You don’t have to be afraid if you haven’t done this before. People want to hear what you have to say. And you can show you are interested in others. It’s of mutual benefit to everyone. It not only helps their posts but it highlights you to your audience and new potential audiences.

You don’t have to be a yes person unless of course that’s how you truly feel. You can have a different opinion but always do so in a polite, positive and respectful way. When you aren’t face to face with someone it can be much harder to read expression and tone.

A few sentences or short paragraphs can add great value. You can use these then in your own posts or make a blog out of a topic you have discussed.

5) Be you. Be authentic.

Always be yourself. This showcases the authentic you. It says who you are and enables your audience to place you and know what you stand for.

You are your brand, the face of your business and whatever business or service that you stand for. Be true to that at all times and use it to springboard back to your audience.

6) Language

Choose your language carefully. Try less I and me and more you, your and you’re. This automatically makes it about your audience. It makes it about them. It flips it on its head and makes what you’re saying instantly relatable. It makes your words about your audience.

To be interesting you have to be interested.

7) Plan in advance

Plan your content like your blogs and articles where possible in advance. This will help you to make sure you are talking to the audience that you are trying to attract. It gives you the opportunity to tweak where necessary.

It is also helpful to look at how much time you plan to spend looking online and responding. Make it work for you. Be realistic. If you can only commit to once or twice a day then allow for that. If it’s more or less then that’s ok, try to be consistent with what you can offer.

8) Add value

You are the expert and have plenty to offer your audience. Showcase your expertise in your posts, blogs and articles. Your audience will look to you once you have established yourself as the go to person for learning from in your field.

When writing for your audience think of the value and learning they can take away from what you’re saying.

To summarise;

You can show both your expertise and that you care in your blogs and articles by understanding your audience. Look at your content from the outside in. Create value. Build trust. Grow strength and connection with your audience. Engage on more than just surface level.

Walk a mile in your audience’s shoes…

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