This is your fight song: tips 4 your success

I’m not bursting into song (I’ll save that for the car), I’m talking about your business plight and fight. We are all struck with obstacles in our path or periods in time where the going gets tough. But it’s what you do to pull yourself through that matters. It’s how you handle the nitty gritty, standing up and fighting for your purpose. Staying motivated can be a hard call when faced with a bleak situation.

It’s important to be able to use affirmation, be mindful of your well-being, to have business faith and to listen without agenda in order to help your chances of success. You have to be in your own corner rooting for yourself to win.

Try these 4 tips to boost your morale for success;

1) When the going gets tough: have your mantra

It’s inevitable that you’ll hit the theoretical wall time and time again throughout your journey. But it’s how you choose to handle these times that matters. You hear it over and over on social media that it’s the journey that matters as much as your desired end result. So, find yourself those words that will help you through in your times of need.

I tend to always tell myself to, ‘face your fear and do it anyway.’

My mum has always said, ‘have a little fire in your belly.’

And I tell my children and equally myself when anyone of us is feeling a little anxious about a challenge or task to repeat these sentences;

‘You’re badass

You’re awesome

and you’ve got this…’

If it doesn’t sound convincing, say it again, but a little louder until you feel confident. Sometimes there is nothing for it but jumping in head on and staring the situation square in the face.

Procrastination is not your friend

Procrastination is not your best friend here and you have to press override, reboot or whatever you want to call it in order to push on through. If you’ve ever heard of the book, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt,’ You’ll know that the only way for them to carry on into the next part of their adventure is to go through whatever is in their way.

2) Be mindful of your well-being

We are nothing are we not if we do not have our mental well-being. We spend a lot of time talking about how best to communicate, how to progress, offering our expertise and keeping up in a fast paced environment, and whilst those are all important focus points for us, we still need to ensure we take good care of our own well-being.

It can be hard to switch off in a busy world where everything demands our attention immediately and it can feel suffocating and exhausting. Which is why you should set healthy boundaries for yourself on when you choose to respond to those demands but also in when you will allow yourself to relax.

Much like we know we need to keep our bodies fit by doing exercise, the same applies to our minds. So it is important to take the time to find ways in which you know you can relax, gain a little perspective, clarity and focus.

I like to listen to podcasts whilst walking the dog, lose myself to a good book, meditate using the Headspace app, watch an epic film on the big screen, and to write in a journal to make sense of whirring thoughts in my head.

I find all of these things help me to switch off and to focus on me for a bit. When my mind is still I have the best moments of calm yet also inspiration. Whatever you choose or find works for you try and ensure that you regularly make time for those things.

You can’t succeed if you’re burnt out

Set daily times to hone in and unwind within your mind as well as weekly challenges for yourself. Staying mentally on the game is the way to finding your successful path.

3) ‘Cause you gotta have faith: do you have business faith?

As George Michael sang very well, ‘ cause I gotta have faith..’

You have to have faith in what you do, have faith in your ability to do what you do, have faith in those who support you, have enough faith to overturn that niggling doubt within you, have faith in yourself to know when to seek advice and know it’s ok to always be learning and to not know everything all of the time.

Have faith and believe in what you do and push down that path and keep going even when it gets tough. You’ll get through to the other side and can wear a big grin knowing you have overcome the obstacle in your way.

Yes….you’ve gotta have faith…

Keep a positive dialogue in your mind

Keep a positive dialogue in your mind. Rewrite any negative thoughts and replace with thoughts of motivation. If you were giving someone else a pep-talk what would you say? Try and do the same within your own mind.

4) Listen without an agenda: learn with clarity and focus

Do you listen with an agenda? You may find it happening within a business meeting, a sales meeting, a conversation with a friend or loved one. When we agenda listen we tend to feed the story in our own heads and interpret the meaning as we think it is. Causing us to sometimes jump ahead or predict an outcome.

Sometimes when we agenda listen it can leave us feeling wounded or angry. Sometimes verbally responding with what we think is our correct response. But sometimes missing the point entirely. I know I have been guilty of this and so I try to clear my head and to fully focus on the conversation I am having.

I try not to pre-empt the next sentence or what I am going to say in response to the person speaking but to have clarity and openness, and to know that what is being said is not always a direct reflection of me.

Practice makes perfect

Listening without agenda may not come naturally but the good news is, it’s a skill that can be acquired with practice. Try using this when you are next in a meeting or having a discussion and see what you learn by listening instead of letting your mind take over.

Give yourself the best chance of success

 Being a success in your life and business isn’t just about the goals you set it’s in how you manage the challenges you face. Give yourself the best chance of success by preparing how to mentally manage the pitfalls and by being your own cheerleader.

Remember when the going gets tough to chant your mantra, allow your well-being to be at its optimum, have business faith and learn and understand without agenda listening.

How you react is how you choose to respond. Your mindset is yours to control. It is with this and action that will offer you the opportunity for progression. What is your fight song of success?

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