The new secret and unknown tale of the 3 little pigs: A plan built like straw, sticks and bricks….

Once upon a time their lived the 3 little business pigs….

This is a tale of the 3 little pigs and their business planning like that of a house made of straw, sticks and bricks. The 3 little pigs discover the importance of planning and setting appropriate goals in alignment with their company’s purpose.

1.The First Little Business Pig: A plan built like straw

The first little pig was a professional in business and needed to create success in order to be able to expand and grow. She had big dreams, but struggled to keep a track of her plans and didn’t really set actionable goals or achievable ones.

This in turn meant that first little business pig’s employees could find themselves somewhat demotivated and confused as to where they were headed. The company’s vision could feel blurred and so objectives could prove tricky.

The first little business pig had put together her business planning as if she was building a house made of straw.

One day along came the big bad wolf. She huffed and she puffed and she blew down first little business piggy’s straw plan. The first little business pig was crestfallen but knew ultimately that the planning had gaping holes in it and had much room for improvement in order to succeed.

The first little business pig fled to help second little business pig. Surely planning like you were building a house of sticks would have much more success?

2) The Second Little Business Pig: A plan built like sticks

The second little business pig was another professional in business and wanted weatherproof, obtainable goals. But she wanted them right now and had little patience to sit and brainstorm and to work a full plan of traceable action as to how these would be ascertained.

She was very busy and thought it was ok to have it in her head as she would remember and all of her employees would intuitively follow suit by her lead. She had taken on a new employee first little business piggy to help progress the company and take them forward.

The planning was like building a house made of sticks. Breakable, untraceable and no clear guide as to where they were going.

One day along came big bad wolf. She huffed and she puffed and she blew down the second little business piggy’s stick like plans.

Second little business pig was disappointed. She knew she should have planned better and allocated time to dedicate and understand the company and its vision and objectives. She took all of her employees, and first little business pig to start business with the third little business pig.

Building a plan like you were building a house made of bricks would surely have longevity?

3) The Third Little Business Pig: A plan built like bricks

The third little business pig was a professional in business. She had also had the unfortunate dealings with failing plans but had come to the wise decision that planning goals would lead to a progressive and stable business.

The third little business pig used a SMART method to plan for her business and she was keen to communicate and demonstrate with relevant individuals such as first little business pig and second little business pig to ensure the plan was delivered as per the agreed strategy and put into actionable steps.

She wanted it to be broken down into short and long terms goals with periodic meetings to ensure everyone was on track. To compliment the meetings a Google sheet table or Excel spreadsheet would be designed to help keep everyone on target.

All of her goals would be in alignment with her company vision and objectives. It was important to her too that her employees all felt a sense of achievement as she knew it would help to motivate them which would mean a greater sense of satisfaction and work efficiency.

The third little business pig had built a plan as if she was building a house made of bricks. One brick at a time, a clear foundation that would be sturdy enough to withhold a growing structure on top.

The big bad wolf had followed the first and second little business pigs and decided she would try to huff and Puff and blow the brick built house like plan down. But….

This time the plan stuck. It was a solid plan and had many merits. It had a clear path. She would have to try and get in from the roof!

Strong winds came and the big bad wolf crouched down and she fell through a skylight on the business roof into the building where the three-little business pig’s and their colleagues worked.

The big bad wolf saw the well thought out and considered plans and decided that this was the opportunity she had been holding out for. She would join the pigs on their business adventure.

To Conclude: The moral of this story….

Plan well, don’t overlook this phase, it’s the foundation to which successful businesses are built on. Plan short and long-term goals. Good communication should always feature in any implementation of any plan. Well motivated staff achieve well and mentally feel engaged and fulfilled in their roles.

Your success story isn’t a story if there’s no plan. You need a path to follow. It’s your journey and it’s your path but you need to build it with solid foundations.

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