Press pause and reflect…What’s your plan for the year ahead? #Goals2019

It’s a time of year where we find ourselves naturally reflective of the year gone by and the year ahead. We are on wind down for the festive period and yet there is so much we have achieved and still we find ourselves manically scrabbling around to get an infinite amount complete before the year ends.

If you took a few moments to pause what would you answer to the following;

1) Reflect: If you looked back over the past year what would you say were your greatest achievements?

              ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ – Socrates

  • If you took 5 minutes what would instantly pop into your head as your greatest achievements so far?

Reflection of course can be different to different people in how you measure an achievement. Whether it be in monetary terms, in successful terms, in hitting a target, in gaining that client you’ve been working towards for months on end.

For me it has been consistently and regularly sitting keeping content on social media this year. Each week I block out my time and decide what to write and when. It sounds simple but as anyone who writes regularly knows it’s coming up with fresh and inventive perspectives that’s tricky.

2) What has worked over the past year? What hasn’t?

  • It’s healthy to know even if just to admit to yourself where your ideas have been most successful and where they haven’t. It’s quite often most difficult to admit to others where we feel we could have done better. But hey-who was born knowing? Our path is always a learning one and mistakes are part of the journey.

Setting regular working days for myself I have found has been beneficial as it helps me to know where best to spend my time and where to dedicate time to other activities and pursuits. It allows me to focus and create pieces with regularity.

3) What goals would you like to set for the forthcoming year?

  • This isn’t the cringe factor of tasking yourself with addressing resolutions -this is what goals do you want to give yourself in your profession for the forthcoming year?

More than one is a bonus. Sharing your goals can be helpful in holding you accountable. I for one am contemplating writing more content each week and focusing content to help my audience.

Having ‘grit’ has stuck with me throughout my own journey. I took on this concept after watching the infamous Ted Talk by Angela Duckworth about ‘Grit’. It’s insightful and for me is why I persevere. (Check out her talk within the included link below).

4) Are you taking a break over the festive period? You should.

  • Taking time out and allowing yourself to indulge in relaxation is good on several levels. Gain a little perspective. Offer yourself the time to unwind.

Answers on a postcard? What would you like to do in the coming months? Share yours with me.

Let me know your answers: You can email me at and you can follow me on Twitter @simplyamberlou or LinkedIn Amber L Smith.

Whatever the season means to you I hope you are able to carve out and enjoy time for the things that matter most to you and remember to show kindness to those that may find this time of year difficult.

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