Why I always brief in full….

I always do what I call a full brief with my clients. I see it as my opportunity to set clear in both my mind and my clients a clear set of parameters of what is expected before I commence any type of writing work.

I detailed my tips last time for questions to ask your client when you are preparing to write a blog for them. If you haven’t yet had a chance to take a look you can view here: https://simplyamberlou.com/2017/11/23/5-great-questions-to-ask-when-discussing-your-blog-brief/ . In any case even if you were writing an article or preparing social media captions you want to ensure you are clear on the end goal.

I have pulled together a few of my further questions to consider. These always give me assurance of clarity and understanding. They are detailed quite simply below;

1) Expectations

What do you and your client believe is the end goal? Ask them what they hope to achieve? Do you think it is also realistic?

2) I hate those words

Does your client new or old have any words that they can’t stand? Putting SEO aside it’s worth finding out if they have certain buzz words or day to do words they absolutely detest. At least if you know in advance then they’ll be no nasty surprises when your client reads your first draft.

Interestingly Sky News released a survey in July 2017 that was completed by 2000 employees through the jobs site Glassdoor. It makes a fascinating read of the 12 most complained about buzz words and phrases; https://news.sky.com/story/what-are-the-10-most-irritating-office-buzzwords-in-the-uk-10962099 . Do you have any that you can’t bear or that you use yourself? Eek!

3) Time frame

Always know how long you have, when they want the first draft. When is the publication date? If they are vague you can always suggest parameters that fit around your schedule. Only ever agree to what you know you can realistically achieve.

4) Be Honest – build rapport

Be honest. If you can’t make a deadline tell the client in advance. Also consider how you will maintain the client relationship especially if you work remotely. Building rapport is essential in maintaining good links and securing future business with your client.

5) Purpose

How do you fit within the cogs of the client’s business? Are you indispensable? If you aren’t- make yourself an asset. How can you offer further services? What other strings do you have to your bow? Offer new and improved ways of doing things, suggest solutions. If you can offer the client more than what they think they can get from you, you add weight and value to your services.

You of course will have your own suggestions and can even improve on or add to these ideas. Just ensure you are prepared and that you have a clear understanding of what is being asked of you and expected.

As always good Luck! I’d love to hear how you get on…

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