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You need to blog smart and to blog better. There are thousands upon thousands of various different blogs out there in various fields and industries. Writing a blog for yourself personally or indeed to sell your services or product is a great way to reach your audience. You can show off skill and expertise in your given area in order to help drive more traffic to your chosen site.

Writing a blog and writing it well in order to appeal to your target market are very different things. You want to be able to capture the attention of your intended audience-your captive audience. You want to speak to your readers and to gain new ones.

Your blog can be displayed on all social sites that you exist on and help to build your brand as well as your digital presence. I have detailed some tips on how you can make your piece effective and engaging;

1) Be Creative

Be creative with your topics and the angle of your blog. What do you already know in your area of expertise? What will your audience find interesting? Rewrite articles you may have already written but with a twist. It doesn’t always have to be brand new, you can rejig another piece that is still relevant.

2) Research

If you blog about an area you already know about you may want to back it up with quotes or statistics. Ensure you research well and you check your sources. Don’t forget to cite information if you have paraphrased or quoted.

Equally if it is an area that is new to you-gain your research from a few different sources and again back it up with quotes or figures to support what it is you are trying to convey. Of course you want to write in mind of what is relevant for your audience and whether you are writing professionally or personally.

Having quotes and statistics gives weight and authenticity to your writing and if done correctly gives your brand a trustworthy edge.

3) Accuracy

It needs to be accurate and from a source you know is trustworthy. As much as statistics and quotes can help build your brand and sell your product and services if your blog is full of inadequate and inaccurate information, you will destroy what you have worked hard to build in terms of readership and potential consumers or even existing relationships.

4) Audience

It’s really important to know who you’re writing for. This will affect what you write, how you write it and how much you write. Knowing who’s likely to read your posts serves as a good place to start and should form the basis of every blog.

Write in a way that will engage with your audience and that will be of interest to them. Write with your voice and speak in a way that your readers will understand.

5) Strategy

Have a strategy. Know when and how often you will blog. Know the days that will suit your audience best. Learn what days to post and the time of day you should post. This will be guided by who you are writing your blog for.

Will you post once a week, once a day or once a month? Whatever you choose -remain consistent. This again will help to build loyalty amongst your readers.

Keep your posts innovative and true to you. Your blog should be an extension of your voice and your aim should be to utilise your blog as part of your digital marketing strategy.

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