5 Tips to stay motivated when working from home….

Many of us work from home, be it flexibly or freelance like me. It can be a fantastic way to be able to get the job done and to strike the balance that we all crave. That being said it can be difficult sometimes to feel as motivated as we should and to get it all done.  I’ve compiled my 5 top tips on how you can keep the momentum going…

1) Working space

It is vital that you choose a space that speaks to you. You need a quiet space that you can concentrate in. It doesn’t have to be a specific office space unless of course you need to shut the door perhaps if you have young children merrily running about and possibly causing havoc. 

If working from home does make you grimace after too much time in your own company and you’re talking to the wall, then mixing up working environments could be the option for you. A coffee shop can be a great place to be surrounded by people and yet none of them have to be talking to you so you can concentrate on the job at hand.


2) Get organised

Just as you would at the office working from home does need for you to be organised. Perhaps even more so as you’re the sole motivator of you when you’re at home. You want to be able to maintain focus and so I would recommend keeping a list of jobs to complete for each day. Know what time you have available in chunks and work around what you can get done within that time frame.


3) Keep a tidy work space

Keeping a tidy work space signifies for me a tidy mind as much as it does being organised and therefore clutter free. If you have a desk full of papers and files you have more chance of feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You are likely to want to bail before you’ve even begun.

Keeping your space tidy offers mental clarity and a clear desk ready for you to start the day. Good working habits ensure you can be at your best and optimum to achieve your job.


4) Set targets

Set yourself daily targets and also plan ahead for longer goals and targets. Some of your work may be short term targets because of the nature of the work. Some of it may be project based and require planning. Setting targets keeps the pace and keeps you on track.

Try and be disciplined with yourself. It can be tempting to be distracted by everything else other than what you need to do, but you will ultimately feel a whole lot better once you’ve whittled through your list of things to do and targets.


5) Hold yourself accountable

Dependent on the circumstances of you working from home will depend on who you talk to in order to hold yourself accountable-but do it. Tell your colleagues that may be in the office, your boss, your friends and family what you’re going to get done.

By doing so you’re forcing yourself to take stock and account for your actions and what you achieve. It is more than likely that you will then push yourself to get things done.


These are all small tactics that form for me part of the whole picture in motivating myself and hopefully you too in being successful in your role when working from home. It isn’t always easy although nothing that is worth doing rarely is and your path for motivation may be different to mine and the next person which of course is fine-as long as it works for you.

Ensure you have breaks as you would be entitled to within the workplace and move around from your desk or table too. Getting fresh air within your working hours is a good excuse to clear the head and gain a little perspective.

You know what you’re capable of when you work. You don’t need to overwork to prove your worth. Work smart and find little ways to keep the motivation going. What ways do you find work for you?

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