5 Tips on writing good copy part 1

So, you want to write engaging and creative copy and you want it to appeal and speak to your audience -where do you start? What do you look at and how many words should you write? I’ve given my hints and tips on how to start and what to include to ensure you write good copy;

1) Create good flow…

Creating good flow in your work means to create fluency for your readers. Avoid capitals where they’re not needed. Try not to have too many commas or other forms of punctuation if you don’t need them. The more you expect your reader to have to pause to take in the more you will slow them down and your objective is to get them to the end of your piece.

Don’t make your paragraphs too lengthy. Break down your paragraphs into 3-4 lines maximum. This ensures that there is not the appearance of too much bulk text for the reader to need to take in. Use bullet points, numbered points and subheadings.

Even think about adding a hint of colour for emphasis on certain points or headings. Only use it sparingly to create impact as too much will cause your reader to have too much to absorb. The chances of them then finishing the piece and any other work you print will be seriously reduced.

2) Make a good and bold title…

Carefully consider your title. It should say what your piece is about in a few words. Keep it short and only use capitals for the start of your sentence. Adding in numerals, emotive language, and questions within your titles helps to appeal to your reader.

Remember you are battling against many other blog pieces and articles for the same attention. Make yours stand out.

You may find that trying to write the title after you finish your piece works better. It gives you time to compile your copy and think about what will fit best as your heading. The text that directly follows the title should say what the piece is about and compliment your leading title.

3) Write for your audience…

Knowing who you are writing for is a good place to start. Who you are wanting your copy to speak to will dictate the language you use and how you write your piece. Think of the words to include and how you are going to engage them in the point that you are trying to get across. The style and the voice you write in should be natural and be as if you were speaking to that person.

4) What’s your call to action?…        

Every piece should have a call to action and it needs to be clear for your reader to digest and easy to navigate. It could be that you want your readers to follow you or you want them to share what you have written. Or you may want them to subscribe to your newsletter, take advantage of an offer or purchase a particular product.

Whatever it is ensure that it is there in your copy. If you don’t ask they won’t know what you expect and want them to do.

5) A picture says a thousand words?…

Be original, a picture certainly does speak a thousand words. Use pictures to help break up text and set a tone for a piece of copy. Ensure you use relevant pictures or your readers won’t be back in a hurry.

There’s so much more to writing good copy and who you write for will dictate what goes into your piece and the need for research or not. Keep it authentic and make sure you write so that your audience can relate to what they are reading.

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