Meeting a client face to face? It’s contact not combat…

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It’s face to face contact not combat. You’re not arming up and getting ready for battle you are going to meet a client and there are easy steps of behaviour and body language that will help to make your contact more successful. I’ve listed my top tips to assist in making your sales meetings that little bit easier;

The handshake….

According to a poll 70% of people do not feel confident in shaking another person’s hand. Being able to shake the hand of meeting a business client is virtually unavoidable unless you have a full on cold and are profusely sneezing. A firm grip and gentle squeeze whilst keeping eye contact and smiling at the other person is where you want to be.

Make them your friend….

The benefit of maintaining face to face meetings is that you can build loyalty and rapport with the person you are meeting with which undoubtedly will help with future business and ongoing sales prospects.

Making your contact feel as if they are your friend will aid you in building a relationship and you can get to know them not just in their role but as a person too. The things you learn not just professionally but on a personal level will give you an edge and also maintain your business input over another company being able to muscle in.

Eye contact…

Maintaining good eye contact throughout your meeting is key. It shows you are engaged and listening and you are interested in what they have to say.

Having good eye contact also commands attention and holds interest when you need to deliver your speech.

Body language is key….

Body language shows everything. Whether you are bored, disinterested, content, unhappy etc. One of the best pieces of advice I was given when I started in field sales was to mimic the body language of the other person.

Follow suit, emulate and mirror what they do. Again, this grows rapport and understanding with your client.

Be confident….

Confidence sells. Whether you feel it or not you have to fake it until you make it. How can you expect a buyer of your product or service new or existing to feel confident if you don’t? You are the extension of the company you work for, the eyes and ears and need to exude it constantly.

Of course, there is striking a balance. Confidence is not arrogance and you are a human being. It needs to be natural and not robotic.

Less is more….

Don’t be afraid to have that awkward silence. Don’t feel like you have to fill in all the gaps. Putting the ball in the court of your client will enable them to think and answer. Having silence can gently build pressure and force a response. It may feel uneasy initially but it could be the sale that you’re after.

This is by no means an exhausted list and will by no means make you perfect at your craft. That takes dedication, experience and effort. Be prepared and have control. knowing how to close your meetings is equally as important as what you say before and during your time with that individual. You need a tough skin in sales, nothing is personal, it’s business. Be bold but be you. Having good knowledge matched with your personality and ability to deal with people is what will sell you and will persuade others to buy into whatever it is that you’re selling.

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