Nature versus phone. Can you strike a balance?

Can you strike a balance? We live in an ever-evolving world and rely a huge amount on our phones not just socially but for business too. Research suggests the average user now spends over 2 hours a day on their phone. With our lives feeling forever busy perhaps we need to stop and take a breath and get outside with nature?

We set parameters for our children of how much time they can watch TV, time on phones etc. and yet as an adult there is only ourselves dictating our tech time. There is a logic somewhere to that isn’t there? Certainly, they are a fantastic invention and you can pretty much get yourself out of most situations with a phone and a credit card.

That being said should we not consider setting our own limits on a daily basis in order to ground ourselves? Thus giving us time to unwind and step away from the world at our fingertips if not just for a bit. Voting for moderation could be the key to the perfect balance.

Studies have shown that a 50-minute walk surrounded by nature can decrease anxiety, increase your working memory and boost a positive mind-set. What’s not to like? Ensuring good habits takes away from the constant need to scroll down forever anticipating the next story, allowing you to switch off.

Let’s face it we could all do with less FOMO (fear of missing out) and more time with our loved ones and our own thoughts. It’s not possible to get out into the parklands every day let’s be realistic here but it doesn’t always have to be getting out it can also be that you set your own rules for example; why not have a curfew of an evening that you’ll not check your phone until the next day?

Why not take yourself off somewhere where the views are picturesque, the trees are plentiful, the grass is growing and ramble for a while. Sometimes the best made plans come from being less busy and a quiet mind. You may be surprised quite how uplifted and free you feel.

Let me know if you give it a try….

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