Get motivated, be your own best friend…

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Do you find yourself motivated or do you need your own personal cheerleader to help nudge you in the right direction? It can be a challenge to get yourself up and going and to be at your best every day. Finding ways to help inspire back that drive is key. Here are 4 ways to get motivated;

1. Be your own best friend

  • You may not always have that person beside you to rally you through the tough times so being your own best friend and allowing your inner voice to be a positive one can go a long way to giving you a motivational boost.

2. Change the scenery

  • Regular breaks between tasks is important to refresh the mind so take a break. Go to the coffee-room, get some fresh air, take lunch outside.
  • Taking yourself away from the task for a short while that you are struggling to get motivated for will give you renewed energy to get the job done.

3. Gain a little perspective

  • When you are struggling to find the motivation perhaps remove yourself from the situation in the first person and imagine that it was a colleague or friend that was describing their lack of motivation. What advice would you give them?
  • Sometimes looking at it from the perspective of someone else other than yourself can mean you advise yourself with your own wisdom that was there all along. Removing the first hand emotional connection can allow you to look at the situation differently and in a calmer more logical manner.

4. Allow yourself to have something to look forward to

  • We often have our holiday booked each year so why not book short-term treats. Something to look forward to each day or at the end of the week. It could be you visit your favourite coffee-house on route to work, or you meet friends at the end of the week to regale your weekly stories good and bad.

We can all get stuck in a rut and feel less than inspired to push forward but by altering your routine slightly or by introducing something new into it can make a difference. There’s not one fix for all but by trialling different changes of habit you’re sure to find ways which work for you.

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