Twiddling your thumbs? Get stuck in with something new…..

The kids have gone back. What next? It’s the start of a new school year! Do you sigh with relief and sheer exhaustion from 6 weeks of constant doing or do you fight back the tears? Get stuck in with something new……

1) Give it a go…

We always encourage the kids to do something new, perhaps then sometimes we need to heed our own advice and give it go. You don’t have to commit to anything on a grand scale it could be the simplest of things. An activity that you’ve always wanted to try, a new hobby, a new venture?

2) Search for that new job?

If you’re itching to get back to work, then now could be the time. September is a great month to search as people are back at work and the business cogs are greasing up once again. Why not dust off the CV and see if it needs upgrading a little?

3) Book yourself on a course?

It may be that looking for a new job isn’t where you’re at. That’s ok, why not look at a course? Is there a new skill you have always wanted to learn? Or do you want to brush up and improve upon skills you already have? It’s the perfect time to look. There are hundreds of various online colleges you don’t even need to leave the house.

4) Get outside…

You don’t have to be sweating it out on some new ultra-workout unless it’s your thing. You can just get out in the fresh air, walk the dog, walk to the shops. Walk through the countryside. See and feel nature. The act of getting in the fresh air is invigorating and clears the head.

The brains creative juices will flow and you may just concoct your perfect plan on what’s next. Or you may equally realise that you’re doing too much and need to step it down a notch. Whatever it is, getting out not only is physically good for you it’s a great boost for your mind too.

5) The only person who knows you best is you…

It can just be a case of bringing order to your life, after all time feels like it floats out the window when you are chief entertainment officer to the kids in the holidays. Whatever you do, choose something for you. Sometimes it is ok to just be. Life can just get a bit too busy and we all just need a little bit of time out.

The only person who knows you best is you. Ultimately you know what you need.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully you enjoyed the post. I look forward to hearing from you…

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